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The International Activity is one of the main priorities for Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture.

Our goal is to provide our students with the access to a diversity of programs, including opportunities for multidisciplinary studies, development of a proficiency in languages and the ability to use new information technologies. Guaranteeing of a safe and comfortable for learning atmosphere for foreign students studying at Nevsky is a an important part of our work.


Exchange Programs:      http://nilcon.ru/mo/obm

Russian as a  Foreign Language:               Catalog of Courses         http://nilcon.ru/acadpr

General Informatiom:

Nevsky Institute of Language and Culture  is a non-profit private higher education institution in Saint Petersburg that was derived from the Educational Center for Russian Studies for foreign students founded in 1992.

The main profile of the Institute are Linguistics, International Studies, Regional Studies  including European, Asian Studies and Russian Studies in great variety of options.

Academic programs of Nevsky Institute were recognized by American, European and a number of universities in Asia.

Nevsky Institute is located in the center of St. Petersburg on Vasilievsky Island. People call this area “Island of Science”.

 BA in:  Public Relation; Linguistics and Intercultural Communication; European Studies; Russian Studies; Asian Studies. China;  Asia Studies. Japan.

There are various academic concentrations available through the International Department:

The Institute gives a rich choice of foreign languages courses. One can study English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese, Finnish and other languages.

The Program of Russian as a Foreign Language is available year round. The levels of study range from the Beginner to the Advanced Level. Post-graduates can take a course of Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language.

All professors and instructors of the Department of Russian Studies are university graduates with professional teaching qualifications. Most of them speak English, Spanish or French and have experience in teaching Russian as a Foreign Language abroad.

Our friendly and efficient staff are able to appreciate the needs of the students and always happy to give then all the assistance they may need.

The Nevsky Institute offers a number of programs to undergraduate and graduate students as well as to those who wish to begin or continue their Russian studies. Our programs include: Programs for Students, Programs for Graduate Students, Programs for Adults, Educational Tours.

Programs for Students

Programs for Graduate Students

Programs for Adults

Educational Tours

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